C l e a n s e   D i e t s

The following are cleansing diets that have been constructed to eliminate toxins from the body.

The diets differ in terms of the foods that can be consumed and the duration of the cleanse itself.

These programs are posted here as references for clients and should not be undertaken without consulting a practitioner who can qualify the program based on your individual condition and needs.


Click on the hyperlinks below to view the individual programs

Gallbladder cleanse

Quick Cleanse Program

Six day Quick de-tox Program

Six day de- tox and quick slim Program

Six day de- tox and regeneration Program

Ten day de- tox and liver cleanse Program

Ten day de- tox and energise Program

Raw fruit, vegetable or liquid fast

Steamed vegetable fast

Whole grain fast

Micro algae fast

Absolute fast



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