ArtChakra Art Therapy

A r t C h a k r a TM

Art Therapy classes in Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

What can Art Chakra do for you?
Develop your creative skills.
Recognise emotional blocks and then release them.
Allows you to access unrecognised energetic problems.
Enjoy better health and mental clarity.

Why is Art Chakra different?

It’s a fun and enjoyable way of dealing with deep seated issues.
Combines creative, emotional and spiritual methods to heal.
Positive and reinforcing feedback from teachers and fellow students.
A new approach to an age old philosophy.

“Renew your brilliance. It is the privilege of the Phoenix. Excellence grows old and so does fame. Custom wears down our admiration, and a mediocre novelty can conquer the greatest eminence in its old age. So be reborn in courage, in intellect, in happiness, and in all else. Dare to renew your brilliance, dawning many times, like the sun, only changing your surroundings. Withhold it and make people miss it; renew it and make them applaud.”
Baltasar Gracian.

The Chakras and their meanings

Chakra location: Crown – Top of the head.
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Lack of purpose, direction, spiritual emptiness, confusion, feelings of alienation, lack of inspiration.
Body pain: Headaches, central nervous system disorders, pineal gland disorders, brain malfunctions.
Chakra location: Brow or Third Eye – Between the eyebrows
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Cynicism, lack of spiritual direction, restlessness, out of touch with your intuition, bad dreams, feeling detached from the world, lack of imagination or perception.
Body pain: Nasal problems, aural problems, headaches, eye disorders, tension, concentration problems, pituitary problems.
Chakra location: Throat – Throat area
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Depression, communication and speech problems, disloyalty, dishonesty, cruelty, lack of discernment, unreliability.
Body pain: Thyroid problems, digestive problems, throat infections, mouth infections, problems with the upper lungs.
Chakra location: Heart – Centre of chest
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Unable to forgive, lacking in compassion, unable to give or receive love, emotional instability, inner conflict.
Body pain: Heart problems, circulation problems particularly to the arms, hands and lungs.
Chakra location: Solar Plexus – Above the navel but below the chest
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Power-hungry, fearful, angry, hateful, no self-control, humourless, unable to feel emotions, unable to empathise with others.
Body pain: Digestive problems, nervous-system problems, liver or gall-bladder problems, metabolism problems, lack of energy.
Chakra location: Navel – Lower abdomen/navel area
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Low self-esteem, jealousy, envy, confusion, lack of purpose, a dislike of change.
Body pain: Kidney pain, leg pain, hormonal or reproductive problems, obesity, low sex drive or impotence, bladder problems.
Chakra location: Base Chakra – Bottom of the spine
Emotional or metaphysical problem: Self-centred, insecure and craving security, violent, angry, impatient. Not feeling grounded or stable.
Body pain: Lower-back pain, spinal tension, genital irritations, constipation.

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