Over the years, I’ve sought to discover the merit of this intriguing science. I’ve studied various references to uncover the ancient knowledge. The passage of time and the corruption of the original transcripts, inevitably led to a loss of accuracy. The key to the art was becoming clouded by charlatans and opportunists.

It astonished me how much misinformation was regurgitated. Simplistic rubbish continued to be published without any references. Interest in the science over the decades, ensured the availability of this inferior material. Books on palmistry usually sold well, despite the authors having little real knowledge.

The key to your personality has always been with you. The hands you use every day to perform a multitude of physical tasks are also maps to the inner workings of your mind. A personality profiler can analyse your psychological behaviour based on past environmental factors as well as experiences and give a future projection of possible outcomes based on these factors. This will have a high probability of accurately manifesting.

Like the work of the Scientific Palmist, it has nothing to do with foretelling the future through psychic phenomenon. Experiences of life affect the mind and in turn the nerve pathways of the brain. The profiler will spend countless hours analyzing the many personalities that have been integral to the individual’s growth as well as events. This requires a huge amount of background work compared to the Scientific Palmist who can read it effectively after examining the palm in a fraction of the time.

Scientists acknowledge the connection between the neural pathways of the brain and the connections to the hand. Lines develop as a result of these transmissions. Therefore past experiences can be clearly observed on the palm of the hand. Genetic factors can also affect the emotions of an individual. Emotions affect the body and it’s development, leaving many physical trails to tell the story.

Astrological Scientific Palmistry.
“A dual system of knowledge that delivers a clear and insightful window into our individual destinies”
Palmistry has been a tool for self discovery for centuries. In ancient times, Cheirology, the analysis of the lines of our palm, and Cheirognomy, the analysis of the hand physiology, were an integral part of the cultural practices of every nation.

There have been endless famous historical figures that have utilized and practiced this invaluable science to gain a more detailed understanding of themselves and also of those around them. These individuals have not been superstitious, feeble minded people; on the contrary, some of them have been the most powerful and highly educated minds of their time. They have used this study in combination with their other studies in Astronomy and Mathematics to gain great advances in these areas of Science as we know it today.

We must ask ourselves then, would great minds such as these, minds that have been acknowledged as being instrumental in the great advances of Astronomy and mathematics, have wasted their time with a branch of knowledge that was unworthy of their attentions? It is illogical to believe that they would have been interested in astrology and palmistry if there was nothing credible behind its theories and practice.

Like many ancient sciences that have their foundations in history, the years have changed and corrupted some of the original teachings of the practice, sometimes resulting in the loss of the fundamental sacred knowledge. The wisdom that gave birth to the Science back in those mists of time, may be retrieved through the study of ancient texts that are in existence today and form the basis of my study on the subject.

Astrological Scientific Palmistry was practiced during these early times. The two sciences of astrology and palmistry were combined and interwoven to create a fabric of greater understanding. It was not possible to have a full understanding of palmistry if one did not understand the astrological foundation behind it.

As the hand is a microcosm of the greater world we inhabit, the astrological factors become an important language that explains some of the universal truths that surround us. Here we see the relationship between the stars and the map of life it provides each of us. Here we see the transference of this energy to our hands and note its direct correlation to that individual map.

Just as the astrological profile will detail our personality, so do the factors such as the shape of our fingers, length of our joints and size of our mounts mirror this. There are many other attributes that unfold when interpreting a natal birth chart, but almost all of these factors can be confirmed and corroborated by an analysis of the hand. An astrological birth chart cannot be manipulated , nor can one change the shape or lines of their hands.

Astrology is a mathematical and precise science that follows a set formula. A particular position of planet will therefore provide an interpretation. That position is known to manifest a particular trait. This is a known factor that cannot be changed. We expect to see confirmation of this on the hand and we do. If the Sciences did not match then it would be quickly discounted, as the theory would show discrepancies and inconsistencies.

For those who place their faith in ancient writings, the holy scriptures also confirm the significance of the science in the book of Job (xxxvii,7) “Qui in manu omnium hominum signat, ut norcrint sinjuli opera sna” translated, “God who sets , as it were, a seal in the hand of all men that they may discover their works”
Further reference is found in Proverbs (iii,16) “Longitudo dierum in dextera ejus et in sinista illius divitaeet gloria” Translated “length of days is in her right hand, and in her left hand riches and honor”

In palmistry the left hand signifies our potential; our astrological profile, our inherited attributes or in other words, that which we have been allotted by the sacred force. The right hand mirrors our motivation, our actions and what we make of these allotted factors for better or worse.
Here we can see even after the corruption and manipulations of the initial words of the Bible by later church officials, that the essence of the Science of palmistry still shines through. One must wonder at all the lost references to astrology and palmistry that were totally removed from latter translations of the ancient texts.

In the past these Sciences were entwined into the religion of the day as proven by various archaeological remains that have been uncovered. Astrological and zodiacal evidence has been found at places such as the Beth Alpha Synagogue at the foot of the Northern slopes of the Gil boa Mountain near Beit She’an in Israel. Here a 6th century religious site depicts the zodiac as we know it today in a stunning mosaic.

Astrology is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the greater world. The ancient hermetic text “La table d’Emerande” says “the thing that is on high is like the thing that is below”. The greater world of the macrocosm can be seen in us albeit in smaller dimensions, as a microcosm of this larger energy reflected in our physical bodies. By looking closer at our physical bodies we can see a greater wisdom at work through these planetary influences.

Condensed and summarized our palms detail the basic elements of a fundamental truth. By comparing a person’s astrological profile with this physicality as produced on the palm, greater insight can be gained into our individual destinies.

Some wise words from Cheiro the palmist regarding our profession.
“Though we may never be able to penetrate the mystery of “how such things can be,” yet this is no reason for saying that they do not exist. As it is impossible to solve the mystery of life itself, so is it not possible to follow the meaning of all its manifestations.
Every day some new truth is being stumbled across by investigators of all classes, but in the investigation of that which concerns the soul side of life the mystery may be all the greater but none the less true for that.”

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